This Dog Had Surgery To Remove Painful Growths From His Ears. At 2:09, They Never Expected THIS!

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Darwin, a three-year-old Carin/Border Terrier mix, was in a medical room suffering with huge growths in both of his ears and running sores on both cheeks from the ear infections. The East Valley Shelter sent out an urgent email blast to New Hope rescue partners in the greater Los Angeles area to try and find help. Luckily, the Bill Foundation saw it and knew they had to save Darwin.

They took him in, and even though he was in pain, he was still calm, friendly and very sweet! Although the surgery would cost a lot, and be a bit of a risk, they knew that it would be worth it. So Dr. Alan Schulman got started on the surgeries to remove his ear canals and all of the growths and infection while retaining his hearing apparatus. But what was so incredible was that it didn’t affect his auditory or facial nerves! His recovery was great and Darwin doesn’t have to worry about being in pain any longer!

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