Dog Was Brought To Shelter With Sores. They Thought It Was Neglect, But The Truth Was Far Worse

Darla, a Great Dane, was brought to Adoptadane Rescue Queensland with sores all over her body. Her skin was bright pink, and she was even bleeding in some places.

Staff took one look at her and assumed it was neglect from her former owners, but the story behind it is far sadder than that.

It turns out that Darla’s family had noticed Darla’s skin begin to change and knew something was wrong. They took her to the vet, but they did not diagnose mange, which is what she had. The vets even recommended putting her to sleep, but the family refused.

The family loved Darla and hated to see her suffer, so that’s when they brought her to Adoptadane Rescue for help. Feeling guilty and responsible for her condition, to family fully surrendered Darla to the rescue.

They had dozens of towels and sheets donated because the poor pup kept bleeding on everything. Thankfully, the skin scraping results were confirmed, and she did in fact have demodectic mange. They started treating her for it right away.

Darla had been suffering with this skin condition for six months, but thankfully it took only two to heal her! Her skin began to clear up, and her hair started to grow back in.

Now that she was healthy again, it was time to find her a forever home. It didn’t take long before she found one! Now sweet Darla has a loving home and is no longer in pain!

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