Rescued From A Puppy Mill, He Could Barely Walk. But A Year Later, He’s Come A Long Way!

Daniel was one of 295 dogs that The Humane Society of the United States rescued from a puppy mill in Madison County, Arkansas. They were alerted to this property through their puppy mill tip line, and local authorities served a search warrant for them. On the property, they found the dogs living in deplorable conditions and were in very bad shape. Many of them were crammed into tiny cages covered with feces and lacking clean water and food.

Daniel was only a puppy, and when they found him, he was unable to walk using his front legs. Thankfully, they removed all of the pups and transported them to an emergency shelter where they were examined and received treatments. Thankfully, the treatments worked for Daniel, and after just two days, he was already beginning to walk! Now, after nearly a year, Daniel is fully grown and is running around as happy as can be. Looking at him now, you’d never know that he came from such a rough past.

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