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The Dalmatian, which is easily recognizable with its spotted coat and pleasant demeanor, had its start in a variety of countries. Used in the past as coach dogs and guardian dogs, it is no wonder that this breed has attributes such as alertness, endurance and speed. In the past, the Dalmatian had many roles such as ratter, firehouse mascot, dog of war and more.
The Dalmatian is also highly intelligent by nature. One may see the Dalmatian being featured in various show rings and agility rings. Most Dalmatians are approximately 19 to 23 inches tall at their shoulder.
The Dalmatian is often seen in the family environment. This dog loves to be around family members, but can be a bit hyper at times. Therefore, it is crucial to give your Dalmatian plenty of exercise time outdoors and allow your pup to get that extra energy out. A fenced-in yard is ideal for a Dalmatian as this pup is prone to running and playing at longer distances than some smaller types of dogs.
The Dalmatian is a frequent shedding breed so keeping up with his grooming is essential. When you brush your Dalmatian on a continual basis, it is easier to maintain the coat and prevent the shedding from becoming too much of an issue. A professional grooming trip every so often will also help to keep your Dalmatian looking good and maintaining a proper appearance.
Those who choose to own a Dalmatian should make sure that they can take the high energy level which this breed exhibits. If you don’t mind a pup which needs a good amount of exercise and loves a good run now and again, then the Dalmatian is a wise choice to consider. Your Dalmatian will be a loyal and faithful pet to you.

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