When I Saw How Many Puppies This Dalmatian Mom Was Nursing At Once… My Jaw DROPPED.

Not one…not two…not three…four? Nope, guess again. ELEVEN puppies!!! That’s right. This Dalmatian mama is nursing eleven of her puppies all at once!

These adorable puppies are only two and a half weeks old and have just begun getting their spots. Watch them as they kick their legs in unison while getting some lunch. At one point, the pup at the top moves and lies upside down across her mom’s body; they’ll do anything for some milk! Not many things are cuter than an entire mound of Dalmatian puppies! I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to have ten siblings! God bless this mother Dalmatian!

Source: Dalmatian mom nurses 11 hungry puppies by Dalmatians on Rumble

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