Orphaned Spotted Lamb Gets Adopted By A Dalmatian That Looks Just Like Her

If you were to go online at this very moment you would be able to find a wealth of evidence that dogs are wonderful surrogate parents for orphaned baby animals. It’s just one of the many reasons to love dogs – they truly are pure souls that radiate love. And there was one little lamb who witnessed first hand just how sweet dogs can be after one dalmatian took her in.

Little Dotty was a baby lamb rejected by her mother. However, Dotty wasn’t like other lambs as she had a different look: she was speckled. The result was due to Dotty being a cross-bred mix of a pure-bred white Dorper ram and a Dorper and Van Rooy ewe.

After Dotty was rejected, John Bolton, her owner, noticed that his dog, Zoe, was happy to step in. The gentle Dalmatian took to the little lamb. And given that they were both spotted, it was a very adorable fit. Soon, Dotty and Zoe became an inseparable pair, and John was pleased by how wonderful a job Zoe did as a surrogate parent to Dotty.

As Bolton shared, “She’s in season at the moment and [was] sort of feeling that mothering instinct at a time when this lamb was there. So it just seemed to be quite a natural thing for her to pick this up and have something to mother.”

Dotty is definitely a lucky little lamb to have Zoe as her new mom.

Watch the adorable video of the two below:

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