Daisy Was A Disabled Dog… But Now, Thanks To Her Prosthetic Legs Is ENABLED. Not To Mention Completely Adorable!

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Everyone has their moments where they are feeling down, stressed, or just not very happy. Whether it’s due to financial stress or you’re just overworked, we all can feel less than inspired waking up each morning. But, Daisy the dog is here to boost your spirits and flash you the happiest puppy smile she knows! Check her out to see how far she’s come with her two new prosthetic legs!

Can she run now or what?? This little pup knows a thing or two about perseverance! She’s not worried about looking different from the other dogs around her, but instead she’s just focused on the wind in her puppy ears and her new form of mobility!! Talk about one inspirational pup! I guarantee you won’t be able to watch her run her little heart out without warming your own!

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