They Spent 2 Months Trying To Catch A Dog. Then A Little Girl Laid Down In A Field Next To Her…

Daisy escaped her home and ran away just two days after she was adopted. People saw her over the next two months, and left her food, but no one was able to catch her.

People kept track of Daisy’s whereabouts and shared them in the Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook group. But still, no one could catch her.

That’s when they decided to give a six-year-old a chance to get ahold of the pup. The little girl and Daisy had met when Daisy was in foster care with her family. They hoped Daisy would recognize the girl and come to her.

The little girl spotted Daisy in a field and laid down on her stomach, patiently waiting to see if Daisy would come near her. Much to their surprise, Daisy ran up to her. The little girl played with her and showered her with love. Maybe this was the secret all along!

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