There’s A ‘Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs’ Calendar And It Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer

If you love dogs and appreciate a good dad-bod on occasion, they come together nicely in the ‘Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs’ calendar. A rescue in Council Bluffs, Iowa put together the calendar and you can now put it on your own wall.

The 12 month calendar was created by Lucky Bulldogs Rescue. Professional photos of French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs are included along with male model volunteers. The result is a calendar that will have you loving each month more than the last.

Lyndsey Wright is the photographer who told Scary Mommy that she created the ‘Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs 2020’ with the kind assistance of some great dads in the area. The initial idea for the calendar came from another Lucky Bulldogs Rescue Board Member, Stacy Perkins. She said: “We just launched it last week in hopes of raising funds to get our rescue going full speed ahead. We already have a handful of foster dogs and the more funds we raise, the more dogs we can save.”

Wright started the nonprofit organization with four other volunteers. They have the mission of saving as many short snout dogs as they can from commercial breeding systems. They then rehabilitate the dogs and find loving forever homes for each of them. “We focus on English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, and other short-nosed breeds we like to call the smushie faces,” Wright continued. “All our dogs are fostered in the homes of volunteers who work hard to gain the dogs’ trust and teach them that positive human interaction is possible while also maintaining medical care and sometimes dealing with dogs with special needs.”

According to Wright, they have always had a goal of finding a permanent family where the dogs “can experience the spoiled pet life after spending their first years being bred.” Funding is important for this rescue, as it is for all nonprofit organizations. The calendar provides a unique opportunity for raising money, and 100% of the proceeds go to Lucky Bulldogs Rescue.

Agreements have been set up with commercial breeders who send the rescue dogs with special needs or those who are retired. Although you can’t see all of the months on this page, you can tell how much love went into each and every picture.

You can purchase the calendar or maybe even buy more than one to give to others. The cost is $20, which is a small price for helping some dogs to find the home they deserve.

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