These Two Dachshunds Say Goodnight To Each Other In The Most Pawdorable Way. WATCH!

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Everyone has a certain bedtime routine or ritual that they do every night before going to sleep. Whether it’s watching your favorite tv show in bed, tucking your children in, eating a snack, etc. What these two Dachshunds do before drifting off to doggy dreamland is the cutest thing you’ll see all day, guaranteed!!

Not only are they in bed under the covers together, but they decide to give each other some love and kisses before going to sleep. They are facing each other, and one Dachshund starts licking the other one’s paws and then his face. Then the other one licks back and it turns into an adorable kissing war. Lick lick *yawn* lick lick *yawn* lick lick. Brb, my heart is melting!

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