This Dachshund Is Very Clever! Look At How She Jumps Onto The Couch!

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Speaking from personal experience, it ain’t easy being short! When you’re in a crowded place, you can’t see above people’s heads; you always find yourself looking up; and reaching things high up can be a huge challenge. But, of course, us short people have to make the most of it. For this little Dachshund, it’s jumping up onto the couch that can become an issue. But she doesn’t let his short problems stop her!

After a couple failed attempts at jumping onto the couch, she stops and looks at her owner. But then she realizes that this is something she needs to accomplish on her own. She takes matters into her own paws, and puts her thinking cap on. She sees the pillow that’s on the couch and pulls it down onto the floor. Then she drags it in front of the couch, stands on it, and uses it as a step stool to help her jump onto the couch. Success! What a smart pup!

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