This Dachshund Hasn’t Seen His Soldier Dad In 6 Months. When They’re Reunited, He Goes NUTS!

It’s always hard being away from our pets, especially if it’s for many months! The hardest part is that our pets don’t understand where we are or why we are gone, and might not even be sure if we are ever coming back. It’s heartbreaking! But when the time comes that we finally get to see them again, it’s so special and heartwarming!

This soldier is home for the first time in six months and finally gets to reunite with his beloved Dachshund. At first, the pup looks in all of the rooms of the house until he finds his human. When he sees him, he goes absolutely NUTS, rolling around and wagging his tail a mile a minute. You can tell that the pup really loves his dad and missed him so much.

Hopefully the next time they’re apart, he won’t have to wait so long to see him! Watch their adorable reunion in the video below:

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