This Dachshund Is In A Tight Spot, But Wait Until You See His Problem Solving Ability!

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We’ve all been there. Between a rock and a hard place.  Or on a narrow ledge leading nowhere.  What to do? Especially when you are a long skinny dog with not a lot of maneuverability? Call it instinct or call it careful thought, this pup sorts out how to get himself out of a jam.

Put one front in front of the other may be good enough for “Frosty the Snowman,” but this little guy had to sort it out the other way around and does so flawlessly.  Would that any of us, given such a predicament, be able to as quickly rewind when we find ourselves having run out of room.  This dachshund may be the poster pup for getting out of what seems to be an impossible situation.

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