His Human Built Him A Fetch Machine. Watching Him Play Completely Made My Day!

This Dachshund, named Jerry, has one very nifty human. His owner worked on and off for two years building a contraption that would allow Jerry to play fetch all on his own. He built in safety features such as “IR proximity sensors” to protect his pup and son from the machine. Jerry absolutely LOVES it! Watch him as he places the ball in the machine, wags his tail as he waits for it to shoot the ball out, and then goes running to retrieve it and bring it back to do it all over again.

Jerry’s owner says that this was far from being a replacement for him. He still ends up throwing more balls than the machine could count. It’s good to know that Jerry gets to enjoy some fun with his human, but also has the pleasure of experiencing this really neat contraption on his own!

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