This Dachshund Is Guarding The Pillows, But Wait Until You See Who’s Hiding Under Them

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Although this bed has enough room for two, this adorable Dachshund, Pepper, and his kitty sister, Eva, want the bed all to themselves. They battle it out for a spot on the bed, but who will come out victorious? At first Eva hides under the pillows, thinking that she’s safe under there. But Pepper doesn’t like her being in hiding. He runs around the bed in circles until Eva finally comes out of hiding. Pepper continues running in circles with an occasional break to throw some paws at Eva who dishes them right back.

Eva lies down on the pillow and seems to take the “rope-a-dope” boxing approach that Muhammad Ali always did; this is when one purposely puts themselves in what appears to be a losing position, letting the opponent tire themselves out. Then, when they are too tired to box anymore, the other boxer comes at them full force. But this may not have worked out too well for Eva because it doesn’t seem like Pepper is giving up anytime soon. Eventually the camera shows Pepper lying down on the bed. He FINALLY got tired, and perhaps won this battle? It’s unknown whether Eva stayed on the bed or not, but either way, it was an adorable and entertaining battle to say the least!

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