They Were Cycling In South Africa…But They Never Expected To Be Chased By THIS Animal!

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This group of friends went to South Africa for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, a big biking event. Before the big event, they went out for a pre-race ride to the Cape of Good Hope. The road they were biking on was right near the ocean side and very quiet and serene. One of the bikers, Oleksiy Mishchenko, was a little behind his two other friends and began taking a video of them.

Out of nowhere, a big white ostrich appears, jumps on the road and starts chasing his friends! They said it was scary at first, but then they thought they’d fall off their bikes from laughter. The bikers were going at least 31 mph and the Ostrich had no problem keeping up with them. Apparently the birds are able to run up to 43 mph with no sweat. According to the National Wildlife Foundation, they can run for 10 miles straight at a steady 30 mph. Thankfully, this particular Ostrich eventually slowed down and veered off the road. What a crazy experience!

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