This Cyclist Went For A Bike Ride And Came Back With Something Very Unexpected!

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I dread having to get up and exercise. If only you could lose weight by sitting on the couch and watching Netflix all night, I’d be rail thin! But exercising would be easy for me if I came home with the same thing THIS man did!! This cyclist went for a bike ride, but I’m sure he never expected this to happen.

While riding, he came upon an abandoned puppy lying in a box by the side of the road. The puppy noticed him and immediately came up to him, jumping on him and wagging her little tail. He was such a happy and friendly puppy. Although it’s unknown how the puppy got there, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could leave a puppy alone outside to survive on its own. Of course the man couldn’t leave this pup behind, so he tucked her into his shirt and rode back home with her. Hopefully he will find her a good home! I’m so glad he was there to find and save this poor abandoned puppy!

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