Meet Luhu, The Adorable Cat With A Permanent Sad Face

Normally when you see a sad animal, it’s heart-breaking. But there is one cat named Luhu who’s facial expressions make him look constantly sad – but in a very adorable way.

Once you get a look at his cute sad kitty face, you can’t forget it.

It looks like the world won’t be forgetting this perpetually sad-looking kitty cat any time soon – Luhu has become somewhat of a pet influencer, already! Since his owner, Maggie Liu, set him up with his own Instagram account, this sad kitty has gained himself about 160,000 followers!

Way to go, Luhu!

You can be another one of his Instagram followers if you want to stay current with his daily shenanigans. For now, you can check out some of our favorite pictures of him below:

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