Cuss Collar Turns Dog’s Barks Into Swear Words

You know when your dog randomly barks at you and you think it’s so cute? What if it’s not cute? What if your dog is actually calling you a d***head?

That is the hilarious idea that the people over at Cuss Collar are running with. And we think it’s funny.

Photo: PickPic

The novelty company, MSCHF, now sells pet collars which release a string of curses and profanities. The gag is whenever your dog becomes vocal, the Cuss Collar is triggered and releases swear words. And they sound like doozies – a video posted to the MSCHF website expressed an F-bomb as well as a synonym for feces.

If you’re thinking that this product is vulgar and no one could possibly want it – think again. The $60 Cuss Collar has actually sold out. If you are someone who would’ve been interested in purchasing one, you can find out when the next installment will be available by texting the number listed on their website.

The product description states that the collar is powered by two AAA batteries, and it features a “100 percent patent leather, padded interior strap, stainless steel buckle,” in addition to a “standard tag attachment ring.” The bark-activated speaker is attached to the collar strap where the speaker holes are decoratively arranged in a “#X!” expletive shape. On the website, the pictures shown make it appear as though it’s a really bulky item – so you may want to rethink it if you were going to purchase it for a smaller dog, like a Chihuahua or Jack Russell terrier.

MSCHF has already stated that the Cuss Collar is not for training purposes, nor does it emit a shock or vibration. The collar is simply meant for pure fun with your dog. It’d make a great gag gift for that special dog owner in your life.

People have already started drawing parallels between the Cuss Collar and the collar worn by Dug in the move, Up. Of course, that talking doggie was much more G-rated than your pup will be while wearing this collar.

What do you think? Would you buy your dog a Cuss Collar?

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