This Curious Little Kitty Seems To Like Water Balloons, Until THIS Happens At :20!!

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Although it’s December and the temperature is dropping nationwide, I like to reminisce on the far-off summer days that are slowly coming our way. After all, summer is usually a time of fun-filled activities and shenanigans like water balloon fights, squirt gun battles, and epic slip ‘n slide creations. You know who isn’t the biggest fan of these water-infused summer activities? Cats.

If your cat or cats are like mine, then they aren’t the biggest fans of water. However, even when they know that water is involved, sometimes a kitten’s curiosity gets the better of her. Just look what this kitten gets herself into!! After noticing a few curiously colored water balloons, this cat decides to investigate! Maybe a bite will help her figure it out… When that doesn’t work, she decides to swat at it, which leads to a hilarious realization at :20!! It looks like the rest of these water balloons will have to pop themselves! Lol!

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