A Caterpillar Walks Right By These Curious Gorillas. What They Do Will Put A Smile On Your Face!

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Looking at gorillas, it’s no surprise that they are eerily similar to us. Watching their movements, they remind me a lot of us — curious and inquisitive. Which makes sense considering scientists say we have evolved from a common ancient ancestor as gorillas and chimps. These two Western lowland gorillas, Kakinga and his daughter Yewande, are in their enclosure at the Calgary Zoo in Canada, when they become very fascinated by something.

A little caterpillar is crawling along the bar of their enclosure and the gorillas are immediately curious. First Yewande is face-to-face with the fuzzy little guy and then her father walks over to check out what she’s looking at. He, too, becomes very fascinated by it. When Yewande comes back to watch it, she gets super close again but her father pushes her away. Then another gorilla comes closer to see what all the fuss is about. The curiosity of these gorillas with the little caterpillar is simply adorable!

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