Two Cats In Love Will Melt Away Every Bad Thing (Fur Ever!)

Cupcake and Monkey are head over paws for each other and we get to witness it for two whole minutes! Dr Nworb’s KitsCats is one of my favorite YouTube channels for good reason. They take in lots of foster kitties and feature their progress through adorable videos. Cupcake and Monkey were rescues and now have the best forever home with this wonderful family. As you can see, they are very happy and very loved. They are so loved that they can give it out in spades to one another!

Seeing this much love is so inspiring! Do you have a friend or a sibling or a loved one who needs some cheering up? If so, send this their way! This is guaranteed to melt away the yuck!

If you loved this video, then you will love this one too! A rescued piglet finds her true love too but it’s not with another piglet. It’s with a puppy! AH! This much cuteness has to come with a warning label. These two cuties do everything together. Try watching this and not “awwww.” IMPAWSIBLE! Click here to witness one of the cutest things ever!

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