Mom Spends $70 And Builds A House For Her Dog Under The Stairs

DIY is great because you can create something beautiful-looking but without a whole lot of money. In fact, one woman in the UK DIY-ed the cupboard under the stairs into a wonderful little haven for her beloved dog.

31-year-old stay-at-home mom Georgina Beetlestone, from Newport, Saffron Walden, transformed the cupboard beneath her stairs for only £60.

Her 9-month-old Pomeranian named Minnie absolutely loved her own room, which is complete with a bed, wallpaper that has a doggie theme, and even a photo frame of her parents.

As Georgina said, “I have always wanted to make one but I didn’t have any under stairs space in my previous property. When I moved to this property a year ago, I saw the potential for a dog room and decided to make it.”

She added, “My friend’s partner cut the hole for me, I made a patrician to put inside the cupboard, I put sticky tiles on the floor and put the wallpaper and a LED light because I didn’t want it to be all gloomy- all I need is name plaque now.”

Georgina continued, “I even called the breeder and asked for a photo of Minnie’s parents. I was waiting for it to dry so I didn’t put her inside yet but it looks like she likes it because she keeps going to see. The whole thing cost me £60 for the wood, the MDF board, the wallpaper and the tiles. I really enjoyed making it, I loved it- she is so sweet she deserves it.”

Georgina, who was so proud of her work, shared pictures of her DIY masterpiece to Facebook, where plenty of people had lots of positive things to say.

One person wrote, “That’s amazing. Can you come and do mine?”

Someone else commented, “This is so amazing! Absolutely love it.”

And a third mentioned, “Looks good Georgie! U guys will have to do mine next!!!”

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