This Cuddly Kitty Just Can’t Get Enough Of His Bearded Dragon! What An Adorable Odd Couple!

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Best friends come in all different shapes and sizes, and in this case, species! This is such an unlikely duo, but it’s definitely one that will leave you saying “awwww!” Cats aren’t the most lovable animals, but in this video, this cat sure does prove otherwise! Puppet the cat can’t get enough of Puff the bearded dragon.

The two are lying together on the window sill and Puppet has his arms around Puff. Puppet gets up and lies both of his paws on top of him, but you haven’t seen cute yet! The next scene shows Puppet cuddling Puff with his arms around him and his head resting on his as if he were a pillow. These two look so adorable together and look like the best of buds!

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