Cuddling Up for a “Three Dog Night”

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Whether or not you need an excuse to cuddle with your beloved pup, pet owners can now feel a little bit more enlightened to pet terminology. A “three dog night” typically refers to an unbearably cold night –  so much, in fact, that three dogs are needed on all sides of their humans in order to stay warm. The phrase’s origins are a bit muddled between Australian and Eskimo; however, the phrase means the same in either instance.

Seeing as though Eskimos face harsh, freezing climates, the phrase holds its own to their lifestyle, as well as the usage of dogs for transportation. Having multiple canines surrounding you on a night where the temperatures hit the negatives is by no means a bad thing. It also helps having them around in case of any other dangers presented, like bears or their close relative: wolves.

While Australian temperatures drop in the hours of the night, it’s unlikely that they would need “three dog nights,” seeing as though the temperatures spike up by the wee hours of the morning. Not to worry –  we won’t tell anyone you and the dogs get comfier than you and your human partner.

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