10 Dog Breeds That Are Smart As A Whip

We all know that our dog is the smartest one on the planet. But some dog breeds are known to be exceptionally smart, which makes them easy to train. Look for these dogs next time you go to the shelter, because these clever pups – though they’ll keep you on your toes – can be excellent companions in the right home.

1. Australian Cattle Dog


This herding dog needs a lot of exercise. You’ll usually find them working on ranches, but their intelligent nature also makes cattle dogs great service pets.

2. Border Collie


This dog breed make the news from time to time for various heroic acts. These pets are great with children and easy to train.

3. Doberman Pinscher


Known for its strength and speed, the agile Doberman Pinscher makes an excellent guard dog. But this clever dog breed isn’t just known for his brawn. The clever dog breed is also one of the smartest dogs around.

4. German Shepherd


This dog breed is often utilized as police dogs for their ability to sniff out illegal drugs and lost people.

5. Golden Retriever


These tawny dogs make great hunting buddies and do well in search and rescue situations. They are sweet and loving towards their families.

6. Labrador Retriever


As the most popular dog breed in the United States, this dog is a great choice for first time canine owners, because they are so easily trained.

7. Papillon


This small dog has ears like a butterfly and soft, silky fur. They are frequently trained to win agility trials.

8. Poodle


This dog is thought to be as smart as your toddler. You’ll find training your new poodle easy and not the least bit time consuming.

9. Rottweiler


This fearless German dog breed takes commands easily from its owner.

10. Shetland Sheepdog


While very easy to train, this pup offers a lot of energy, so be prepared to keep up with him.


Smart dogs are easier to train because of their memory and intelligence, but don’t give up on training your pup just because he’s not on this list. Every dog can be trained with patience and dog treats; some pups just might just take longer to master commands.

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