This Adorable Baby Bat Seems Tickled To Be in the Hands of His Rescuer

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This baby grey-headed flying fox was rescued by the Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services after being found injured and in need of rehabilitative care.

Right off the bat, this adorable little creature, named Jeddah, seemed right at home, enjoying pets and tickles from one of the organization’s licensed bat carers.

Flying foxes, also known as fruit bats, are the largest species of bat with wingspans of up to almost 5 feet long. While Jeddah can’t yet be released due to his injuries, he is in good hands and seems to be enjoying the attention.

Bats tend to have a bad reputation but a lot of people fail to realize their importance to the ecosystem! Not only are the fantastic with pest control, they are important pollinators.

We need bats, like Jeddah, in the world. Without them, the balance in nature would in jeopardy!

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