10 Chores We Wish Our Pets Could Do

4. Cook Dinner for Four


Dogs know what everyone in the house likes, so train yours to cook a gourmet meal for everyone. By everyone, you mean the husband who loves meat and potatoes, the angsty teenage vegetarian daughter glued to her mobile device, and your elderly grandmother who lost her teeth five hours ago and hasn’t found them. Get ready for moist dog food with strawberry mousse for dessert, love it or leave it.

3. Drive the Kids Around


Dogs with long legs can reach the pedals to take your kids to soccer practice, ballet lessons, cheer practice and then to movies on the weekends. Consider getting an automatic and not a manual, since dogs don’t have opposable thumbs to grab the stick shift.

2. Scrub the Kitchen Floor


If you have a fluffy breed, such as a Maltese, shih tzu, poodle or Pomeranian, you’re in luck. These dogs act as natural sponge mops to clean the kitchen floor.

1. Shoveling Snow


Some dogs love the snow. In cold climates, you’re doing well if you have a St. Bernard, Alaskan husky or American eskimo breed. Put a snow plow on [this guy] and see how fast your sidewalks clear.

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