10 Chores We Wish Our Pets Could Do

7. Sort the Laundry


Cats love to play with things tossed their way, so have your kitty sort the laundry with you. Expect cat fur on the nice, clean clothes as your cat may want to continue romping on the warm, snuggly linens.

6. Take Out the Trash

Stray Dog Looking For Food

Dogs already know how to fetch, so why not teach yours to pick up garbage and put it in the garbage can. Advance his training to get Rex to take out bags to the curb. Triple bag the leftover meat so his nose doesn’t get too curious about what’s inside.

5. Fetch the Mail


Grabbing the mail shouldn’t be too hard so long as you let your pooch out there after the mail carrier is long gone. Something about that blue uniform just makes dogs go nuts.

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