10 Chores We Wish Our Pets Could Do

A pet can be a best friend, a lifelong companion, a helper and someone to cuddle with on the couch. Pets can also do a lot of chores around the house when the owner needs a break. Just look at what these pets can do, for real or in our dreams!

10. Clean Toilets


Dogs can clean toilets with a toilet brush in their mouths, although you might have to watch out for Fido getting a drink of water at the same time. Don’t let him lick your face afterwards.

9. Shop for Groceries


Your dog can sniff out anything, especially rotten food at the grocery store. Fifi can tell you if that steak is about to go bad or if the apples are about to turn; just follow her nose to the good stuff. You might have to take a detour through the dog treat aisle.

8. Talk to Telemarketers


Never hear from telemarketers again when Lady tells them off with a few woofs, snarls and barks. Cover your toddler’s ears so he doesn’t have to hear such harsh language from your dog.

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