News Reporter Saves Baby Kitten During Live Broadcast

A kitten’s cry for help made a big impression on Sabrina Hall, a TV news reporter for Fox 17 in Nashville, Tennessee. When Hall heard the troubled meows, the investigative reporter swung into action. Putting her live roadside traffic broadcast preparation on hold for a moment, Hall sought the source of the sound.

There it was: a tiny, tawny-colored kitten in some tall grass near Interstate Highway I-24, a dangerous place for a youngster of any kind.


The lone kitten was covered with fleas and ticks, and practically hidden near the highway that connects Chattanooga to Clarksville. Although the kitten began following Hall, it seemed averse to being touched initially. Hall waited patiently and slowly earned the cat’s trust, and as she gently reached out and scooped it up, she could feel the little feline relax in her arms. Hall and her photographer Daniel Sullivan administered on-the-spot care, with Sullivan removing a tick from the baby cat’s eye.

Photo: Facebook/Sabrina Hall

When Hall and her TV crew had completed their work, she took the rescue kitten home with her. There, it received more love in the form of a tick-removing bath and a good meal. Hall has a dog of her own, but rather than being jealous, her dog made their little visitor his new best friend. He showed his affection with wet licks, kisses and cuddling.

Photo: Facebook/Sabrina Hall

A wise and caring rescuer, Hall then took the kitten to the veterinarian for a checkup and shots, and he was christened Jeff after an exam revealed that he was a male. Sabrina Hall’s efforts paid off, and Jeff’s roadside rescue story has a happy ending. He has since been adopted and now has a forever home in which to live out all of his nine lives!

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