9 Ways to Calm or Energize Your Dog with Music

The right music can motivate you to work out, create a romantic atmosphere, or even bring you to tears. But what about your dog? Studies have shown that the right music can help dogs de-stress, and some shelters have started playing music as a way to help dogs adjust to a noisy and busy environment. Others suggest that dogs have a sense of pitch, and may even choose to join in! While your four-legged friend may not react in the same way you do, music can improve your dog’s life as well.

9. Get Those Paws Tapping

Research shows that, much like humans, dogs respond to different beats, frequency ranges, and volumes in music. The right music can get your pup amped up for a fun game of fetch or calm her down when you head off to work.

8. Let Your Mood Be the Guide

Your health and happiness is the biggest factor in your dog’s well-being, so don’t be afraid to listen to tunes that bring you joy. If you’re happy, your dog will pick up on it. You’ll also be more inclined to play and walk your pooch, which benefits both of you.

7. Leave Out the Lyrics

Dogs tend to respond well to more instrumental pieces. Anxious or fearful dogs may become unsettled by genres that involve vocals that sound like yelling or screaming, such as some forms of heavy metal. However, some dogs respond well to soothing, melodic vocals.

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