8 Ways To Prevent Hairballs in Cats

Cats are clean freaks. They groom themselves compulsively, and every time they do that, they swallow some of their loose hairs. The wads of indigestible hair inevitably become hairballs. Here are some remedies to keep your cat from getting hairballs.

Groom Your Cat Regularly


Brush your cat daily to get rid of the loose hairs that cause hairballs. If it’s on your brush, it’s not in his belly.

Smear Vaseline On His Paws


According to Mom.me, when your cat licks his paws, the petroleum jelly lubricates his digestive tract and allows the hairs to pass through it easily. It might also earn you a few funny looks after you apply it.

Put Your Cat On a High-Fiber Diet


Feeding your cat high-fiber foods, such as Post Grape-Nuts Flakes, helps move the hairs along his digestive tract. Try adding a couple of tablespoons to his kibble at dinnertime.

Wipe Down Your Cat


Use baby wipes to get rid of the loose hairs on your cat after grooming.

Feed Your Cat “Hairball Formula” Foods


These cat foods contain a large amount of fiber and help reduce hairballs.

Serve Sardines To Your Cat


According to VetCo, the oil in sardines is a natural laxative. Serve your cat this pungent treat to move things along and earn popularity points.

Distract Your Cat


If you find your cat grooms himself a bit too much, put a stop to it using distracting activities, such as teaching him to play with a new toy. Engaging your cat keeps him healthy mentally and physically in general, so it’s a win-win.

Use Cat Laxative


Mild cat laxatives can also help your cat get rid of hairballs. For another cool idea for controlling hairballs, try this tasty cat grass.

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