8 Ways To Make This Valentine’s Day The Best One Yet For Your Dog

Everyone loves to be loved when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and the love and affection aren’t just things that people adore — your pets also enjoy a little extra TLC. They certainly wouldn’t mind some extra treats and undivided attention on this annual holiday of love. Yet showering your furry loved one with treats can be a little different than doing so for your human valentines. If you’re wondering how to make this Valentine’s Day the greatest one yet for your dog, here are some of the best ways that you can tell your pup, “I love you.”

8. Go on a Road Trip

There are few things dogs love quite as much as hitting that open road with their head sticking out of the window and their tongue lolling. Try treating your pup by packing up for a quick weekend getaway, or go for a long drive and have an impromptu day trip. You and your pup can hit up your favorite dog parks and other dog-friendly shops and destinations for some quality together time.

Photo: Pixabay

7. Cuddle Up Together

Maybe you and your dog are loungers, and your idea of a nice Valentine’s Day is spending the evening in and relaxing. If that’s the case, make room on the couch to cuddle up with your pooch. A little cuddle time is the perfect sign of affection, and your dog will absolutely love it.

Photo: PxHere

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