Why Does Your Dog Stare at You?

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Does your dog stare at you as you go about mundane tasks? Maybe you’re reading a book or watching TV and sense that intense canine gaze. Here are some reasons your dog may be gazing at you.

It’s Chow Time
Or at least your dog thinks it should be. Whether you’re eating a snack and your dog is silently begging for a bite or it’s just getting close to dinner time, your dog may be waiting for some food.

Doing the Potty Dance
Some dogs may scratch at the door or dance around, but many dogs simply stare at their owners when they need to go out. If your dog seems particularly persistent, consider stepping outside for a few minutes just in case.

Time for Cuddles
Gazing at you can be an attention-seeking behavior. Give your dog a good belly rub or some ear scratches.

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