Meet The Dog With The Most Exclusive Job In The Country

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Klinker is truly a one-in-a-million dog. Of the 80 million dogs in the United States, she is the only one certified to detect a type of bacteria that kills bees and devastates bee farms.

The bacterium is American foulbrood, a pathogen so deadly that an outbreak not only destroys entire bee colonies but also necessitates the burning of infected equipment, causing enormous losses to bee farmers. Klinker’s nose can detect the bacteria in very early stages of infestation, something that a human cannot do. She checks up to 1,000 bee colonies a day, thus saving the lives of bees as well as money for the bee farmers and the state of Maryland.

The bee population in the United States is severely under threat from diseases as well as pesticides and chemicals used in agriculture. Help save the bees and the ecosystem by signing this petition.

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