Stewie Has That Special Touch When It Comes To Crying Babies

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes Stewie, the babysitting cat.

The nurturing, caring nature of this family pet is shown in his comforting attitude towards baby Connar. After hearing the baby crying, Stewie seems confused. However, his paternal instinct soon kicks in, and Connar is finally soothed by gentle, heartwarming pats on the head.

He seems to calm the baby down quite easily.

Source: YouTube/aarongrant1

Source: YouTube/aarongrant1

Stewie can do wonders for Connar, just think what a cat could do for you! There are kind, loving animals in shelters all across the United States, just waiting for a chance to show someone how special they truly are.

If you’re not interested in adopting a cute kitty, donations and volunteer hours are always a good way to give back, too. Of course, once you see their furry faces, you might fall in love. Need a reminder? Watch Stewie in action below!

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