This Young Man Raced Back to Save Multiple Kittens After Finding out Their True Identity

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It was just another walk to work for 18-year-old Hamdan Shibli, until he saw three small kittens on the side of the road. They were in plain sight, and looked like they were in rough shape. However, Hamdan figured that their mother would return soon, so he simply placed them off the road under a bush for protection and went on his way. He made sure to post his pictures of the kittens on Facebook, but soon after, he came to a startling realization. According to Sun Gazing, Hamdan found out while looking at the pictures that these kittens were really jungle cats, which are similar to lynx.
Young jungle cats look just like kittens, making it easy to get the two confused. Jungle cats aren’t an endangered species, but Israel, where Hamdan lives, only has a population of about 600. Hamdan immediately raced back to where he left the kittens.

The kittens were all exactly where he had left them, so Hamdan put them in a basket to take them to a veterinarian for wild animals. Boredom Therapy reports that sadly, one of the kittens passed away from its poor condition. There were still two adorable brothers left, not even five weeks old, and the veterinarian immediately got to work treating them both. He removed all of the ticks they had, and then put them on a diet with fluids, vitamins and a milk substitute.

The kittens are now in rehabilitation. They are doing much better, and the veterinarian has a plan in place to bulk them up to a healthy weight. When they’re ready, they can go back into the wild. Hamdan’s care and quick thinking saved the lives of those two baby big cats, who now have a second chance. By helping in whatever way is possible, we can all help save rescued cats.

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