This Pit Bull Was Deemed Aggressive By His Former Owner. Once You See This Video, You’ll See The TRUTH.

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A Pit bull named Cruz was brought to a shelter in San Bernadino, California after being deemed “aggressive” by his previous owners. But this video shows Cruz to be anything BUT aggressive!

Maria Sanchez, a volunteer at the shelter, went to see Cruz in his cage. He was cowering and looked very scared. She began talking to him in a sweet, calm voice and finally began to gain his trust. He inched his way closer and closer, wagging his tail, until Sanchez could finally reach him. As she pet him, Cruz pressed himself against the bars, longing for more love. Sometimes all a dog needs is some compassion and the right care!

Fortunately, Cruz has been adopted into his furever home and will now get the proper love and treatment that he deserves!!

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