Redditor is Looking for a Translator to Decipher a Conversation Between a Cat and a Crow

Humans always see animals every day — online or in real life. You can interact with them, yet they remain enigmatic. There’s still a language barrier that makes people think about what message animals convey. Sometimes you’ll witness different species converse, even though they speak different languages. What could they possibly talk about? It’s interesting to figure out how animals start conversations. The way they produce different sounds yet still talk to each other is truly mind-boggling. Due to the fascinating interactions, humans try to translate videos of animals talking to one another. Content creators shared their own translations — witty and hilarious comments that seemed close to reality.

Photo: Reddit/nikamats

Netizens had fun sharing their understanding of the video in the comment section. The clip’s original caption read, “Translation needed.” The video involved a cat and a crow seriously engaged in a conversation. For every caw, the cat would answer with a meow. They weren’t close to one another, making the exchange even look deeper and more serious. With how the conversation went on, you’ll think that there’s hot tea that needs to be spilled.

Photo: Reddit/nikamats

However, it’s difficult to decipher, but netizens happily engaged in a fun discussion below OP’s post. For this reason, nikamats garnered 37k upvotes and over 600 comments since she uploaded the clip. “That crow is a jerk, lol. He knows exactly how to annoy that cat,” Rheinys commented. To which HurtPillow replied, “Exactly, he’s trying to annoy the cat so it jumps at him. They are instigators of the highest order and know exactly what they are doing.” If the crow was really provoking the feline, then that explains why the conversation looked grave.

While others were on the serious side, some laughed at the interaction. I_Dont_Like_Rice wrote, “lol, this had me cracking up! That’s gotta be a cat version of, “Will you SHUT UP!?!” The interpretation suits the scenario as well — the possibilities are endless. However, it might be as simple as asking each other’s name or just friendly small talk. What do you think? Help OP translate the caws and meows. You’ll certainly have fun exchanging comments with other Redditors. Also, you should share the Reddit post with a friend — it’ll be a good conversation starter.

Translation needed
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