Cows Were Stranded After An Earthquake Crumbled The Land Around Them. Thankfully, They’re Now Safe

Three cows were left stranded on a small, elevated island after a devastating earthquake shook through New Zealand. They spent an entire day stranded there, with no place to go.

Their owner, farmer Derrick Millton, was then able to lead them to safety he made a passageway once the area was deemed stable from landslides.

“It was a difficult exercise,” Milton told TIME. “We dug a path for them, and once they realized what was happening they meandered their way across to safety.”

Footage of this cow family of two adults and a calf taken by a helicopter, was posted online and quickly went viral. Thankfully the family is now safe with their owner! I can’t imagine how terrified these poor cows were! Can you imagine being stuck on that for an entire day?!

You can watch the cow family in their scary situation in the video below:

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