Abandoned Dog Lived Under A Dumpster For A Year. Then He Met People Who Gave Him A Second Chance

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organized, was notified about a frightened dog who had been living under a dumpster.

Sadly, the dog was abandoned there 11-months prior and had been there ever since. The reasoning behind why he was left there is unknown. But he was extremely afraid and would hide whenever someone came near him.

A local would leave him food and water every day, which helped him survive. Rescuers arrived at the scene to try and get him out from under the dumpster. They used a cheeseburger to coax him out, and of course it worked! The poor pup was starving and would accept any food he could get.

Once they lured him out, they put the leash around his neck. Then they began gently petting him to gain his trust and to show him that they are there to help him, not hurt him. One of the rescuers, Lisa Arturo, decided to name him Cowboy.

They lifted him up and carried him into their car to bring him back to their clinic. They gave him a much-needed warm bath and took great care of him. He was already so much happier and his bubbly personality began to shine through. He even made friends with a tiny kitten there!

He went home with a foster, Chelsea Fragnoli, and formed a strong connection with her right away. Then Coastal German Shepherd Rescue found him a loving forever home! From living under a dumpster, to now being love unconditionally by his new family, this pup has come a long way!

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