This Cow Was Orphaned At Two Days Old. After Being Adopted, Check Out Her Dog-Like Personality!

Meet Beryl the eight-month-old cow. She resides in North Queensland, Australia, with her adopted family and has become a social media sensation after her humans decided to share her dog-like behavior. From lounging on the couch to going on family holidays, this little cow is part of the family!


Beryl was born in August 2015 but was orphaned at just two days old when her mother passed away from complications after the birth. Webster adopted her and bottle-fed her. She raised her inside until she was strong enough to live and graze outside.


It makes sense why Beryl acts like a dog, because she has grown up alongside two pups, Fred and Wilma. The three of them cuddle together and give each other licks and kisses.

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Although she is an outdoor animal, she is always peeking inside and enjoys relaxing in the living room. One day, her human, Sally Webster, returned home from grocery shopping one day to see Beryl lying down in the living room.


As soon as she sees an open door, she tries to get in. Webster says she is very intelligent and has a great memory, so she knows where the calf milk is in the laundry room.


Beryl is also very well-behaved. When she comes inside, she doesn’t make a mess or destroy anything. She simply comes in just to relax. Webster says she probably likes to lie down on carpets because as a baby, she had her own blanket to sleep on every night.


You can follow Beryl’s adventures on her Facebook page.

Watch more of her story in the video below:

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