Baby Cow Was Raised By Three Dogs And Now He Thinks He’s A Dog Too

Growing up, my dog was always surrounded by cats. Eventually, we added a couple of rabbits to the mix, but mostly my dog spent the majority of her time with cats. So, it came as no surprise to us when she started displaying certain behaviors that suggested she thought she was a cat too.

It sometimes happens to animals who spend a lot of time with other animals – they seem to think they’re just like the other species.

Goliath is a calf who was happened to be raised with three dog siblings. As a result, this precious boy thinks he’s a dog too!

Goliath was actually raised on a dairy farm where he was scheduled to be sent off to the slaughterhouse. Luckily for Goliath, Shaylee Hubbs and her family rescued this sweetie before anything bad could happen to him, and brought him to live at their Danville, California ranch.

Not long after arriving, Goliath met and bonded with the family’s three dogs. He got on so well with the canines, that the little calf began to see himself as a canine too.

Shaylee spoke to ABC News about her suspicions that Goliath believes he’s also a dog.

She said, “He was raised with our three dogs, and he’s around them every day. They chase and play together, he watches how they eat their dog food and drink water from their bowls and copies them and he even lays in their dog beds. He even loves scratches on his neck around his ear.”

And, there have been other habits that Goliath has picked up from his doggie siblings.

Even though Goliath is supposed to be strictly outdoors, Shaylee and her family were surprised one day when they arrived home to find a happy Goliath just chilling inside on their couch.

Shaylee managed to capture a picture of the incident and posted it to Twitter. She suspects that Goliath must have gotten the idea to sleep on the couch after watching Leonidas the Great Dane do it.

“We left the door open for 5 minutes,” Shaylee laughed.

Luckily for Goliath, the family has a soft spot for the adorable calf, and “no” isn’t exactly their strongest word.

As Shaylee commented on her post, “If he comes inside we let him chill for a couple of minutes lmfao.”

Lucky little Goliath is out in Danville living his best life. He’s definitely got the run of the place with his three canine brothers, as well as other animal friends in the form of horses, alpacas, and goats. Our only concern is what will the family do once he’s a fully grown bull and decides he still wants to give sleeping on the couch a whirl?

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