Couple Spent Over $55k Remodeling Their Home Into A Sanctuary For Elderly And Special-Needs Dogs

We all have a different calling in our lives. For Chris and Mariesa Hughes from Clifton Park in New York, their calling turned out to be helping old and disabled dogs. The sad reality is that many older dogs end up finding themselves abandoned and alone in their old age, either because their owners can no longer afford their care or they are no longer interested in caring for their aged pets. It happens everywhere, and there are shelters all over the country that have older dogs, or dogs with special needs coming into their care. And sadly, these are sometimes the pups who get overlooked in favor of the younger dogs.

Wanting to do something to help these dogs, the dog-loving couple has spent $55,000 on renovations in an effort to turn their home into the ideal retirement facility for these dogs to live out their golden years. Both Chris and Mariesa know that both elderly and special needs dogs require love and care as well, so they have taken it upon themselves to make sure that elderly and disabled dogs are able to have a safe place to live.

In doing so, the couple found so much joy and love brought to them by the dogs that they take in. It’s a win-win! Chris and Mariesa were inspired to start their non-profit called Mr. Mo Project after they experienced their own problems with their elderly dog, Mo. They wanted to create the non-profit for the benefit of other elderly dogs, stating that they’re “determined to ensure that the elderly dog population nationwide is cared for.”

Sharing on their website, the couple noted that all senior dogs deserve to be happy and loved, just like any other dog. With their work, they have managed to save hundreds of dogs from being euthanized because they’re old or have health issues. After taking in many of these dogs, they’ve given them a second chance – with many of them getting adopted out to loving, forever homes. But just because they have helped to give many senior dogs a new lease on life, they have also taken in many dogs to their own home – 20 in total!

In a post on Instagram, the couple happily showed off their big, furry family. They dedicated their post to their many senior fur babies that they love so dearly.

In order to accommodate their 20 elderly fur babies, the couple splashed out $55,000 in home renovations to make sure that all the dogs could comfortably live out their days. They even spent $30,000 of that money on a hydrotherapy pool – something that allows their senior dogs to enjoy some low-impact exercise! Sounds absolutely amazing. That is not the only treat that the dogs get to enjoy – they also were given a customized $5,000 king-sized bed for them to sleep on. Everything about the couple’s home is fitted to be senior dog friendly with ramps, floor mats, plastic sheets, etc. It’s the perfect doggie retirement home.

And Chris and Mariesa are absolute angels for wanting to take in all the old dogs that they can. For ways to get involved with the Mr. Mo Project, click here.

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