This Couple Was Out Searching For Gems But Found Something MUCH Better.

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A couple was out hunting for gems when they stumbled upon this adorable, abandoned one-month-old fox. The wife is a veterinarian, and they were both vaccinated against rabies, so they knew they had to save this little girl!

She was making the most helpless little crying sound, was dehydrated and weak and had a wound on her neck that they believe is from another animal biting her. The man bends down to get closer but the baby fox begins to back away because she is so frightened. The woman used her jacket to pick up the fox and she looked so adorable in her arms. They brought her home to feed her and nurse her back to health. After a few days, she gained her strength back, began to look so much healthier and happier, and gained trust for the couple. She played around, panted, wagged her tail and acted so much like a dog! She even made similar little bark-like sounds. After she was better, the couple took her to Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

Watch this beautiful rescue below!

PLUS click here to see the first footage of when they found her!

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