Family Gave Food To A Street Cat So She Came Back Later With Her Kittens

Kurt and Melanie are a couple from Montreal, Canada who are doing their best to take care of the feral cats in their area.

While they can’t adopt any more cats, they’ve already got a home full of sweet little kitties, this cat-loving couple is still determined to do whatever they can to take care of the homeless cats in need.

LoveMeow has reported that this kind couple are providing the stray cats with food and cat shelters – even setting them up in their backyard. Recently, this couple got a look at how far their commitment has gone to help the cats.

It started when a timid black cat approached their home for some food. Once she’d eaten, she scampered off.

But she wasn’t gone long. Not long after, this black kitty returned with some kittens.

The apparent mother of four had brought her babies along in hopes that the couple would provide them with food as well.

Naturally, this couple was more than happy to be of assistance.

The kittens were total balls of energy and fluff. They were more than happy to play around and explore the couple’s home.

Not wanting to leave the adorable family to the elements, Kurt and Melanie welcomed them into their home and began to search for a suitable forever home for them.

The couple fostered them, taking the time to get the kittens socialized and prepared to go to new homes. Two of the siblings went off to their new homes.

However, the two remaining kittens were named Kurt and Mel after the couple who rescued them. These kittens are special, as they’re a bonded pair, so when they’re adopted, they will have to go together to the same home.

As Kurt explained to LoveMeow, “They are the sweetest and most cuddly kittens you will find. It would be best if they could be adopted together…as they are so close.”

Both Kurt and Melanie were aided by the rescue group called Chatons Orphelins Montreal as they continue to look for a home for little Kurt and Mel.

The two kittens experienced their fist vet visit recently. Meanwhile, Big Kurt and Melanie are attempting to catch the mother in order to get her spayed.

No matter what, there is no stopping Kurt and Melanie as they continue to do their best to care for the community’s stray cat population. It’s this kind of selflessness that the world needs more of. Thank you Kurt and Melanie for all you’re doing for stray cats!

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