Couple That Works From Home Creates ‘Fake Lap’ For Their Clingy Cat To Snuggle With

Cats hardly ever show affection. But when they do, it’s a huge deal and you should feel honored that they even chose your lap to sit on…you peasant! But when cats have deemed you their “chosen one” it’s often at an inopportune time such as when you need to get up to use the bathroom or you’re trying to get work done on your laptop. I mean, that’s just cat-timing for you. Regardless, we still love them all the same. But sometimes, we wish there was something that we could do to get around the bad timing moments when our cats want to sit on our laps.

One couple from London, Rebecca May and her husband, Alex, seem to have cracked the code.

When the couple first adopted their cat Ziggy, the little feline was quite shy. However, she eventually got over her shyness and began taking to sitting in their laps.

The lap-sitting then intensified.

However, it started to pose a problem when the couple started working from home. Ziggy’s demanding need for lap cuddles started to get in the way of their work.

In fact, this persistent little feline began climbing up to Rebecca’s desk and getting onto her laptop – something that made work a bit difficult, to say the least.

Trying to come up with a solution to Ziggy’s demand for attention, the couple decided to invest in a cat bed that they could put near them while working. In typical cat form, this gesture failed to meet Ziggy’s standards and she deemed it not enough.

That is when the couple had to get creative, and Alex came up with a winning idea. He decided to create a fake lap for Ziggy to sit on when he and Rebecca were unavailable to her.

Alex went full-on arts and crafts by stuffing a pair of pants to look like human legs, then gave it a realistic touch with the shoes, and placed a pillow there in lieu of a stomach. In order to ensure that his brilliant plan really worked, he had a secret weapon: a heating pad placed in the lap of the jeans. Genius!

As Rebecca said to The Dodo, “[Alex] thought that creating a decoy would be funny, but I don’t think he expected it to actually work. Harley [Ziggy’s sister] was totally uninterested, but Ziggy loved it. She needs warmth and to feel protected, we think.”

Rebecca decided to share a picture of the invention to Reddit, where she described Ziggy as “super clingy” ever since she began to work from home which prompted the couple to try to find a solution to keep the feline satisfied.

There have been so many cat owners who’ve called the idea “genius.”

One person wrote, “I read the title, saw the cat, and looked from the feet up…and then promptly sprayed out my toothpaste. That is hilarious and wonderful!”

Another person commented, “This is great! One of my cats recently went deaf and became an indoor kitty and is very clingy as well. Maybe we should try this out for him!”

Someone else thought it was “very clever indeed,” and added, “I love how thoroughly pleased her sweet little face looks with her new permanent lap. And I must say: that’s a very clever invention, cat parents!”

While the idea is by far a runaway success, Rebecca admitted that she actually finds the invention a little scary – which is fair enough. I’m sure in the right lighting that would look quite creepy if you walk into the room having forgotten it was in there to begin with. That is why she has said that she will be using it during the times that she’s particularly slammed with work.

But all in all, I think it’s safe to say that this couple may have revolutionized the game for the rest of us cat owners. I think working from home has just gotten a lot easier for all of us. What do you guys think?

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