A Couple Saw A Shelter Of Neglected Dogs. What They Did Next Is Unbelievable!

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This couple was on a trip in Israel when they came across hundreds of dogs living in deplorable conditions. 250 of these pups were squished into a kennel that is supposed to hold only 70. The place was infested with rats, and the dogs were covered in ticks and sores. The only food they got were loaves of bread which they were all fighting over.

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Thankfully, Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, knew exactly what to do since they just happened to have founded a rescue shelter of their own in King City, Canada, called Dog Tales. Their shelter’s mission is to rehabilitate elderly, abused, and disabled dogs that are usually overlooked. Their shelter includes 50 acres of fields, walking trails, huge fenced-in paddocks, as well as therapy pools.


Usually when Eden visits shelters, she makes a list of 10 to 20 dogs with serious medical needs and brings them back to Dog Tales to care for them. But not this time. This time Eden decided to buy the entire shelter and all 250 dogs! After a month, she flew 25 dogs who were healthy back to Canada, and a team of vets came to take care of the rest. She found homes for 90 of the dogs with other local shelters she’d worked with before. As soon as the other 150 are healthy enough, she will fly them to Canada as well. The 25 dogs who were brought to Dog Tales are loving their new life, and more than half of them already found homes! A huge thank you to Eden and her husband for helping all of these poor dogs!

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