Couple Builds A Detailed Tiny ‘Art Gallery’ For Their One-Eyed Cat

I think that all of us would love to be able to get out and go to a museum, but it just isn’t in the cards these days. It seems as if felines would also like such a day trip.

Admittedly, cats are not allowed in many museums any day, whether we are amidst stay-at-home orders or not. That is why many humans are now taking virtual tours of their favorite museums. It allows them to travel the world and to see things that they may never have been able to see.

If this type of virtual tour would be something that your cats would love, then there is a solution you should consider. You may just want to build a fine art museum for your own feline and you can do it at home.

According to the Metro, a couple from the UK who love their cat, Jake Lambert and Jessica Atkins, decided to do something interesting for their beloved pet. They have a one-eyed, black cat who they call Richard Parker. According to Lambert, Richard Parker was a kitten when he lost his eye and was shot with a BB gun. There is still plenty for this cat to love about life!

Richard Parker is dealing with a foot injury, so he is housebound. Of course, we’re also dealing with a quarantine so that makes things doubly worse. “He seemed bored and so were we,” Lambert told Metro. “We thought we could all do with some entertainment. All cats require a lot of stimulation, and we thought he might enjoy taking in some culture.”

Atkins is a veterinary nurse and her boyfriend, Lambert, is a comedian. They decided to become museum curators, however, now that they were at home, so they put together some excellent paintings for Richard to enjoy.

Metro reports that Atkin said Lambert created 11 paintings, including some cardboard frames. They used about 6 feet of their apartment for the display. Works were re-created from artists, such as Monet and Picasso. They also included some classic paintings that already had cats in them.

“He loved all the portraits, especially ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo, probably because this particular version depicted the cat as a god, and we all know that’s exactly how cats see themselves,” Lambert said to Metro.

Along with hanging up the art, Lambert and Atkins made it even more authentic with “no cameras” and “no eating or drinking” signs and some sections that were roped off. There was one thing missing, and that is the security guard that would give you a hard time if you did take out your smartphone.

It’s amazing to see the pictures that Lambert posted on Instagram. I would say that Richard Parker is truly an art lover.

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